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Table of pieces

source: Wikipedia

Listed below are the pieces of the game and, if they promote, the pieces they promote to. Names are rough translations that have become somewhat standardized in English. Pieces are listed alphabetically by their English name.

The promotions apply only to pieces which start out with the ranks in the left-most column, that is, pieces with these ranks written in black; promoted pieces with those same ranks written in red may not promote further. Pieces which only appear upon promotion, that is, names which only occur written in red, are marked with an asterisk. The king, free king, and lion do not promote.

Piece name Kanji Romaji Abbrev. Promotion
Bishop 角行 kakugyō Dragon Horse
Blind Tiger 盲虎 mōko Flying Stag
Copper General 銅将 dōshō Side Mover
*Crown Prince 太子 taishi (promoted drunk elephant)
Dragon Horse 龍馬 ryūma1 Horned Falcon
Dragon King 龍王 ryūō Soaring Eagle
Drunk Elephant 酔象 suizō Crown Prince
Ferocious Leopard 猛豹 mōhyō Bishop
*Flying Ox 飛牛 higyū (promoted vertical mover)
*Flying Stag 飛鹿 hiroku 鹿 (promoted blind tiger)
*Free Boar 奔猪 honcho (promoted side mover)
Free King 奔王 honnō1
Go-Between 仲人 chūnin Drunk Elephant
Gold General 金将 kinshō Rook
*Horned Falcon 角鷹 kakuō (promoted dragon horse)
King (black) 玉将 gyōshō
King (white) 王将 ōshō
Kirin 麒麟 kirin Lion
Lance 香車 kyōsha White Horse
Lion 獅子 shishi
Pawn 歩兵 fuhyō tokin (gold general2)
Phoenix 鳳凰 hōō Free King
Reverse Chariot 反車 hensha1 Whale
Rook 飛車 hisha Dragon King
Side Mover 横行 ōgyō Free Boar
Silver General 銀将 ginshō Vertical Mover
*Soaring Eagle 飛鷲 hijū (promoted dragon king)
*Tokin2 と金 tokin (promoted pawn)
Vertical Mover 竪行 shugyō Flying Ox
*Whale 鯨鯢 keigei (promoted reverse chariot)
*White Horse 白駒 hakku1 (promoted lance)
1 The names of 龍馬, 奔王, 反車, and 白駒 are irregular. The regular forms ryūme, hon’ō, hansha, and hakuku are also seen.
2 In many accounts of chu shogi, a pawn is described as promoting to gold; the special name tokin for a promoted pawn is in these descriptions restricted to standard shogi. Note that this is simply a naming convention and makes no difference in the movement of the piece.

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